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American Roofing Academy training is the benchmark for excellence in the residential roofing industry. It will empower your sales team with specific industry knowledge that will increase sales and dramatically increase bottom line profits.

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Resource Guide

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The American Roofing Academy (ARA) is a resource guide for business owners and sales reps in the residential roofing industry. Providing specific industry knowledge to increase profits where additional sales opportunities exist and create acute customer service awareness.


Increase Sales Reps Confidence

Training that will lift a sales rep from thinking like an employee to having a business owner mentality. The education will create loyalty to the company and instill immediate confidence when meeting with a customer and closing the deal. Thus improving sales and increasing profits.


Increased Sales & Profits

increase sales with roofingales training

ARA Provides Roofing Sales training that will empower your sales team by offering critical and necessary knowledge in the basics of roofing and exterior sales. If you follow this system carefully you’ll instantly increase your sales by 30% and profits by 20% - 50%.


Increase your Product Offerings

In addition to our training, we have negotiated discounted prices on products and services with several industry leaders that are now listed on our website and are specifically tailored for our clients.


We hold the training class at your office tailored specifically for your sales team and for what you want to achieve.

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