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Roofing Sales - Weekly Sales Tip Number 1

5 Steps to $100K Year Residual in Roofing


This industry has unlimited income potential for those who focus on business.  You can go out at will and get another sale or do a repair or sell a repair and have a crew come do it for you. If you’re not making $100K - $150K a year in commission in this business, you’re just staying at home.


The Only down side I’ve found in our business is you’re always starting over from job to job. In order to keep the income coming in you have to keep the sales coming in. In a perfect world you invest your time for a 6 month to 12 month period and the commissions just build on themselves and grow larger every month, Right?  Well that’s in a perfect world and up until I discovered and simple technique and applied it to the roofing business, whatever you earned in commissions was all you got.


Like everything I teach in my class, I have field tested this simple technique and with the right attitude and perseverance, I can teach you how to create residual income that at a certain point in a 12 month period it will surpass the income you get from commissions.  But there Is a catch….


It’s such a unique technique that probably 99.9% of roofing contractors don’t even know it’s available to them.   It is one of my closely guarded secrets and I only discuss it with the students that attend the ARA Training Class.   I don’t even print it in my book.  It took me over 2 years of trial & error to finally come up with an ideal that I didn’t even know if it would work or not.  Well guess what?  It worked and OMG then it blew me away with the income it created.  The simplicity of it will blow your mind.  Now that doesn’t mean it’s easy….  It’s not but I guarantee you after 6 months of consistent effort and absolute focus you’ll look back and say “I’m glad I did it”.   I just hope you’re not one of the ones that look back and say

“I wished I had”.

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