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Eagle Eye Estimates

Email –

(850) 249-0135

Eagle Eye Estimates is the leading Xactimate Estimating company for the roofing industry.  Their knowledge and experience in writing estimates will definitely increase profits that you may not be getting now.  Why spend the time and money to simply learn Xactimate when you have access to a team of experts who understand exactly what insurance companies will pay for.

Noble Appraisal Services

Email –

(800) 705-0570

Noble Appraisal Services provides an elite team of industry experts to do all the negotiating for you.  It’s not just about increasing the scope of damage.  Negotiating what Xactimate values the damage at is pure art.  Hiring experts to do this for you will double profits on your jobs.

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Hightower Graphics

Email –

(317) 865-9160


Company image is everything when you’re trying to attract new business.  Hightower Graphics is committed to designing an image for you that
generates new sales and interest in the services your company offers.  They are the graphic design company that American Roofing Academy chose to create the image we needed. 

Innovative Insulation

Email –

(682) 433-8196

The Energy Saving Expert at Innovative Insulation is Herman Torres.

When you’re talking about energy savings for your customers, radiant barrier is the diamond in the rough.  This product will instantly reduce home owner energy cost by 25% and pays for itself in about 3 ½ years. Heat is always a topic of conversation when you’re talking about a new

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Interactive Hail Maps

Email –

(512) 994-2550

Barry Harkness Knows what you need.

Knowing where the damage is will separate you from the herd of sales reps looking for a place to work. Interactive Hail Maps is ahead of the curve when it comes to how big the hail is and exactly where it hit.  Knowing Where to go is just as important as knowing what to do when you get there.  For one low annual cost you get access to the entire Interactive Hail Map System for an entire Year.

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Gutter Topper

Email –

(513) 943-3921

Contact John Studenka to open new doors. 

For 17 years, Gutter Topper has delivered the most superior gutter covers for residential homes and commercial buildings.  You can rely on their industry knowledge and line of products to increase your profits and add additional sales to your bottom line.


Email -

(513) 830-9768

Call Melissa today for your list

The Ultimate in commercial list generation!  Melissa Nolan at Hoovers will amaze you with the speed and efficiency she has in creating a list that can put you in front of new potential commercial customers. Open new doors at apartment  complexes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and property managers in any market you choose.  Residential roofs pay the bills.  Commercial roofs buys the boat.

Every sale rep needs a way to generate income while waiting for the commission to come in.  The most effective way to create that income is to provide roof repairs for customers that don’t have enough damage to justify getting a new roof.  Apart of that repair always includes pipe jack repairs or replacement.  E Zee Boot allows you to fix a leaking boot in 10 seconds with a lifetime warranty.  You’ll be amazed when you see it!

Eco Chief Products

888 733-2640

Most synthetic underlayment demands an increase in price or up sale to the customer.  AQUAHIDE Synthetic Underlayment offers superior watersheding qualities for the same price as 30lb Felt.  One 10sq roll  weighs the same as one 30lb roll of felt.  Once your install crew uses this product, they’ll request it on all future jobs.  SOLARHIDE also replaces 30lb felt and will dramatically  decrease heat transfer on any type of structure.  An ideal use for homes with cathedral ceilings.

Salmen Insurance


Get in touch with Brian today and get a quote.

Brian Glass deals with more roofing companies than anyone I know.  He knows what you’re looking for and how to get you the best deal possible for Contractor General Liability & Workers Comp Insurance.  In almost every instance, your overall cost can be reduced to 1/3 of what it currently is.  That kind of product savings goes straight to your bottom line profits.

IT Strategies Group

(954) 271-1265

Call Michael Bernhard for a step by step demo.

A paperless job tracking system will streamline efficiency and productivity for the field reps and your office staff.  You can now custom design a system that allows on demand updates on all the jobs for the owner and immediate access on individual jobs for the field reps.  This is The Game Changer for building your business.