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Tools of the trade for the Roofing Sales Position

Proper tools will separate the leaders from the pack.  Our tools are designed to do one thing. Give you an edge that will make you more money faster.  Where ever storms hit we are faced with what seems like enormous competition.  The tools we have developed and hand selected for our students will quickly lift you to a new level of success.


Knowledge is the beginning of the tools we offer.  Knowledge is Power and we want you to be as powerful as you can be.  As an individual Sales Rep and as a whole Company. 


The ARA Training Manual lends itself to increasing your knowledge and will serve as a complete reference guide for the basics of roofing.  It includes Sales Techniques, Sales Training and real life field details you can turn to time and time again.  It is an invaluable source of information for a new sales rep.


In addition to the class room training, we have negotiated discount prices with several industry leaders that provide unique products and services specifically tailored for our students and the companies participating with ARA.   These services will dramatically increase your bottom line while decreasing your liabilities and time commitment.


If you are just getting your business started and need some direction, we can give you that direction.  If you have a growing business and want to expand, we can show you the simple techniques that will save you money and increase your profits smoother and faster.


Once the class is complete you’ll have direct access to all of the independent companies supplying products and services associated with the marketing efforts of American Roofing Academy.