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Student Testimonials

I had been selling roofs for about a year when I found out about the American Roofing Academy training.  I was actually working in retail again because I really didn’t have much success with selling roofs.  I sat in on the class and the training really opened my eyes to a lot of opportunity that I didn’t even know existed.  The class was great but the real difference was having direct access to Terry the founder and trainer.  Any time I had a question, he was there to guide and coach me through it to a successful end.  That was 1 year ago and today I’m the #1 Rep for Classic Roofing in Hurst Tx.  I highly recommend this class!


                                                                                          Victor Ruiz   Rowlett, TX

I was at a very low point in my roofing sales career when I was introduced to Terry at the Training class.  My average income at the time was $30K to $40K a year and the company I was with had Zero support for you in the field.  Within 2 weeks my pocket money more than tripled simply from the techniques I was taught in the class and the field support he offers.  Meeting Terry and going through the training literally changed my life.  My initial training was over 2 years ago and I’m still calling him for advice. I have never asked him a question that he didn’t answer with absolute clarity.  Do yourself a favor and take this training class.  You don’t know what you don’t know.  It will change your life too.  My income today is well over 100K.


                                                                                 Doug Souders  Indianapolis, IN


Knowledge is power.  Power to have more choices and Power to make more money.  I thought I was making decent money until I met Terry and went through the Academy Training Class.  Wow what a difference it made!  He’s a world of knowledge in Sales Technique and how to separate yourself from everybody else.  This class will cut your learning curve by 75% and increase your income almost immediately.  It’s a must have for Big Sales in Roofing.

                                                                                                  Dan Trevino Kyle, TX

When I got started in roofing sales, I was handed a stack of contracts and an address of where the hail hit.  I have been in outside sales for over 25 yrs but I didn’t have a clue about selling roofs.  The American Roofing Academy training class I attended made sense of everything.  TheTraining Manual is the game changer.  The knowledge that is in that book was priceless for me as a new rep.  I never left the house without it and if I did I went back to get it.  It made that much of a difference to me.  My sales numbers changed immediately.  Yours will too.


                                                                                      Dean Smith Indianapolis, IN



I am a window and siding guy.  I knew nothing about roofing but knew I was leaving a lot of money on the table because I was always referring that work to someone else.  Most sales reps know just enough to be dangerous.  I provide an excellent service to my customers and wanted to expand my commission base by adding roofs to my service line.  I sure picked the right one with American Roofing Academy.  My income from roofing isn’t the biggest part but it did add an additional $40,000 in profits to my bottom line.  Thanks again Terry!


                                                                                        Todd Downey  Leander, TX


There are so many different scenarios you run into in the field.  The class was great!  It helped me a lot.  The thing that changed everything for me was the phone and text msg support I got from Terry when I was looking at an issue in the field or sitting in front of a customer and didn’t know how to answer them.  You never get a ho hum answer from him.  It’s obvious he has been doing this for a long time and willing to give you 100% to help you be successful.  It’s the ongoing training that makes the difference between American Roofing Academy and all of the others promoting some kind of training system.  This guy knows what he’s doing and can add something that will make a difference no matter how experienced you are.  I say go for it! He proved it to me.


                                                                                  Donny Hancock Whiteland, IN


I worked as an independent field adjuster for over a year and a half.  The paper work was brutal and when I heard how much sales reps were making selling roofs I decided to jump over and learn the selling side.  That was about a year ago.  It’s embarrassing how little training people are willing to give you once you get hired.  I have worked for several different roofing companies and it’s same everywhere you go.  No one wants to train the new guy!  Finally I found Terry and the American Roofing Academy.  I took the training fee from my rent money and crossed my fingers that what he told me was true.  “You will earn your fee back in 1 week” My wife wasn’t happy about me spending half of our rent money but I had to do something.  I was starving and about to look for another job or just go back into adjusting just to pay the bills.1st Day after the training I had half the money back.  2nd day after the training I had the rest and future commission coming on a roof I sold. (My 1st one this month). 

3rd day after the training I sold my 2nd roof.  Guys this training works.  Terry said,  “listen to me and be a good student and I’ll have you making $100,000 yr in 90 days”. 

I’m going to be the best student he’s ever had!


                                                                                    Juan Ballesteros - Austin, TX


I first met National Sales Trainer Terry Sims in 2013 while attending the American Roofing Academy training class. I was brand new to the industry and the owners policy was to put new sales reps through the Academy. The systems and information presented tools provided, gave me greater insight into how to increase business and cash flow with certainty! In one day I was able to tap into and improve my business model! Over the following nine months I received in excess of $130,000.00 in commissions! I have and will continue to recommend Terry as a Top Trainer!

                                                                            Roger Preble - IFC Roofing, DFW


As a business owner, I have been in the roofing industry for over 40 years.  The first 25 years as a field adjuster and an insurance agent selling P&C Policies.  I own and manage a roofing company and offer various services to roofing companies as a consultant for sales and for management.  I met Terry in the spring of 2013.  I was immediately drawn to his selling skills and knowledge of our industry.  The training manual he has put together is the most complete book of necessities required to be successful in our business that I have ever seen.  Hey we all run into a rut once in a while.  Even with all the knowledge and experience I have, I find myself time and time again turning to his book to show me what I’m doing wrong or what I’m NOT doing.  This book keeps me on track and I feel is the single most important tool a business owner can offer a new rep that will guarantee his success.  If you want a training program that will make the difference for 100% of your reps, send them through the American Roofing Academy Training.  Your profits will double!

                                                                                    Phil Harris - Fern Creek, KY



I have seen Terry Sims work with new recruits.  Everyone that learns the techniques and uses them on a daily basis is making money.  If you follow Terrys basic 101 steps and you apply them in a storm damage area you will be successful. I have been in the roofing industry for 6 years.  I wish I had a course like this when I got started.  I was thrown to the wolves with no training.  I can only imagine the success I would have had in 2009 if I had training like this.  I think this is the most thorough training system I have ever seen.

Terry is a true hands on professional.  The techniques and training you learn in the manual are not theory.  They are all heavily field tested and proven.  You do what he teaches and you Will get the results.  Some are immediate and some are time driven, but they all work and they all produce the results you’re looking for. Once you have mastered these basics then and only then should you try any of your ideas.  Everyone always thinks they can build a better mouse trap, but the old spring loaded version which is tried and true is the number one method and kills millions of mice each year.  Numbers don't lie.  Apply the principles and let the numbers and dollars speak for themselves. I did, and the results I’ve seen are shocking! 

                                                                                    James Matysek - Austin, TX

I was seeking a Solid training system that would improve my reps industry knowledge and close ratios. I found that with the American Roofing Academy.  I highly recommend the training class to anyone at any level of experience who’s looking to advance their knowledge and skills.  Terrys dedication to his students, years of hands on experience with simple yet effective programs, will keep your company profits climbing by creating sales superstars who are taught proven methods that will generate loyal customers for years to come.

                                      Doug Uneberg - Room 2 Roof Restoration - Charlotte, NC

Roofing professionals,

There is a huge difference between a Roofing Sales Rep and Professional Roofing. If you are interested in becoming a Roofing Professional who is a true expert in the field of roofing, Terry Sims teaches the techniques and skill to help you become an absolute leader in your area.

He has been extremely instrumental in taking my business of 20 years to a whole new level. It is absolutely worth the time and money to attend the American Roofing Academy training.  Terry is very committed to helping you grow with expert advice for field questions and needs after the academy class room training

Give the American Roofing Academy your business and I can personally promise you it will be money well spent.

                                                            Ken Patton - Patton Homes Inc. - Columbus, IN


I found the ARA Training Manual to be concise and comprehensive at the same time. It's all about how to hit the ground running as a salesperson in the roofing business, as well as being an advocate for the homeowner. Terry has identified, and clearly laid out the processes necessary to be successful even if you're a newcomer into the field. Even for those of us with extensive experience, Terry shares new insights and methods to improve closing ratios, increase revenue and maximize profitability. A much needed resource guide and training system that has not been available in our industry until now.                                 

                                                                                                      Bob Baker - Austin,  TX